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David Adair, Managing Director of Solas BioVentures, Joins Panel on De-risking Medtech Innovation at SEMDA 2019 Conference


APR 9, 2019

The SEMDA Medtech Conference is the premier medical technology forum fostering business and educational opportunities for the medtech industry, including medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health. Their 2019 conference is being held in Alpharetta, Georgia April 8-10, 2019. 

David Adair, Managing Director of Solas BioVentures, will be leading a panel alongside industry experts to discuss de-risking medtech innovation.

Panel Description​:


De-risking medtech innovation by investing in the process before the product


Too many medtech startups fail due to a lack of seed or bridge funding. This is one reason more venture capital is moving away from medical devices and into other medtech spaces like health IT. This results in fewer devices with high value potential entering clinical care and saving lives. Before investing in the medtech product, innovators and the companies and investors that support them need to invest in a capital efficient development process. Investing in the development process is often more important than the product itself. The panelists will discuss elements of medtech design and development models that de-risk medtech innovation to fail faster, cheaper and help ensure funding investments are made in products with a higher likelihood of successful, capital efficient commercialization.



  • David Adair, CEO, Glenveigh

  • Tiffany Wilson, CEO, Global Center for Medical Innovation

  • Ashley Wittorf, Executive Director, AdvaMed Accel & Global Head – Investor Relations, AdvaMed

  • Paul Snyder, Vice President, Healthcare, Write2Market (moderator)

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